Welcome to hiking paradise!

Hachenburg is located in an attractive hiking region with the premium trail „Westerwald-Steig“, the Hachenburger Löwenpfad and several circular hiking routes.

The Parkhotel Hachenburg is awarded as „Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland“. With this award we give you the following quality promise:

  • We provide information in local and regional sights.
  • We provide recommendations for local hiking routes and advice with addtional information material.
  • We gladly accept short-term reservations from hikers, also for just one night.
  • We keep you updated on the weather.
  • We lend shoe cleaning sets.
  • We provide dirt tubs for your hiking boots.
  • We know hiking and our employees give you individual information.
  • We offer a reservation service for your next accomodation.
  • We offer a shuttle service to nearby trails and routes.
  • We provide a baggage shuttle to your next accomodation.

Trails and tours (German)